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Unfortunately, leaving home is not always possible. To ensure that your health needs are still being met from home, I will be offering remote appointments, allowing you to receive the care and attention you deserve while staying in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Klientinnen- und Klientenmeinungen


...I am surprised every time anew how much strength and energy I feel after a session. For me, these are islands of peace and relaxation in everyday life, a pause, my world stands still for a short time. Jan Rieder has already been able to help me with many ailments..

Eveline S.

Jan has healing hands. With his calm manner he creates a space of trust where deep relaxation becomes possible. The body can let go and regulate itself. This is pure relaxation, simply super.


Super great, am very relaxed, blockages already pretty much solved after only 2 sessions. Jan Rieder is very sensitive and takes his time. I can highly recommend him. The therapy is super pleasant.

Pascal Schwitter

...Thanks to my cranio sessions with Jan Rieder I have been able to relieve my tensions caused by stress. With his pleasant way of working, he has created a sense of trust that was noticeable during the treatment and each time highlighted a super body feeling and a kind of recovery .

Claudia T.

With your attentive nature, you have the gift of being very involved with the patient. Your way of working is very attentive and fine and I always felt very well taken care of.


The treatments with Jan are often like a journey to myself, with mindful touches he accompanies me. He sensitively senses what my body needs for relaxation. It never ceases to amaze me how pleasant relaxation can be induced with just a few movements.


You will be regularly informed about current topics concerning craniosacral therapy.

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